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XBRL tag for imact of coronovirus?




  • Mike

    Hi Barbara,

    A great question, indeed! Way back in June this year, the FASB actually put out a Q&A to help filers with guidance of tagging related to COVID-19 disclosures depending on the disclosure area.  It may not be inclusive of all areas, but may be a good starting point for you:

    I'd certainly be interested in how others are handling these too, so thanks for chumming the waters on this. In the meantime, holler if you have any questions for me as on the above. Keep staying awesome!
  • Barbara

    Hi Mike thanks.  At the moment, we plan on disclosing COVID losses as part of our catastrophe load, and the FASB didn't really address that.  I'm wondering if anyone else is disclosing COVID losses as catastrophe and if so, any hints on tagging.  


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