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Inserting Text Boxes




  • Official comment

    Hello text box enthusiasts!

    Earlier this year the ability to add floating objects in Documents was added as part of the Designed Reporting feature extension. More info on this feature is found here on Help. This is available for all solutions but is only on by default in certain ones. If you would like to access this feature, please contact your CSM or PSM. Thanks for your patience along the way and have an excellent holiday season. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Hi Dortha!

    At this time you cannot insert text boxes or other shapes into a Document. I don't have any update on when this functionality will be available, though. Its definitely been requested before but has not yet been prioritized for release. I've got your feedback collected and shared with our Product Team for further consideration.

    As a workaround, you CAN insert an image into a table cell and have an adjacent cell act as a text box of sorts. You can't, however, insert a Chart into a table cell, though there is also a request for that here.

    Let me know if I've missed the mark there or you have any questions for me in the meantime. Thanks much and happy Friday!

  • Albert Affeldt

    This has come up alot in our team as we're starting to use Wdesk more and more. As this option is not currently available, it makes it a little complicated to push Wdesk to use. Thanks for making this available soon! 

  • Raquel Mork

    The ability to insert a text box/shape in a document (with text wrapping) would be very useful to us as well as we look to potentially implement the P&P solution.  Our procedures in Word have a side bar on the front page with document information, and I've been unable to duplicate that in Wdesk.

  • Jillian Halm

    We could also benefit from these features. Without these, styling options in documents are very limited. This has forced us to keep certain documents in Word.

  • Melissa Juntunen

    This is something that would be incredibly useful for us as well. We have to create a lot in other programs and save as pictures to insert into Wdesk. This is problematic when information changes and humans have to manually update data that could be linked if this functionality was available. 

  • Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  • Kris Barnard

    I see this is available in ESEF and Connected ESG, when will it be available in the other solutions?

  • Aaron Silver

    Yes, we have also been on this request for a few years now in the P&P solution and would be very interested to know when other workspaces will get this feature. We have been using single column and row tables as a stand in for text boxes to our own detriment so far.

  • Mike

    Hi Kris and Aaron!

    Thanks for the note here. For solutions outside ESEF and ESG, we anticipate most of those (save for SEC-types because of additional issues with EDGAR) to have this available in later this quarter. There are some items still being determined, including pricing and packaging. That said, I'll get both your requests logged and in the meantime, we also suggest connect with your CSMs on when this could possibly be available for you.

    Thank again and holler if you need anything!


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