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Best solution to avoid accidentally pasting over an existing XBRL fact?




  • Yumiko Okazaki

    I agree with Stephanie's post above. It is really too easy to paste over the existing tags if we forget to hit the create new button. I finally have got the hang of it and it doesn't happen as often now but it was a challenge at first. I thought that if there is a pop up questions that asks "do you want to paste over existing level __ tag or create new tag" it might be helpful. Or an Undo button would be much appreciated.

  • Barbara

    Certainly an Undo or Discard XBRL changes would be useful!  A lot of outline mistakes could be avoided with an Undo XBRL button. 

    I have noticed a couple of things that have made life a little easier.  One is that there doesn't seem to be the need to Add Fact if tagging a new row or new numbers within an existing table.  XBRL knows that you are already in a table.  For tagging new numbers within straight text, I tend to create a link and immediately open the fact menu from the right vertical menu.  Then I can see if I am looking at the Level 1 tag or at No Fact if I have clicked correctly within the new link.  This has stopped even a very tired me from having either too many facts or deleting the Level 1.

    I do have another question though.  Has anyone come up with a straightforward way to tag multiple facts within a cell?  I keep ending up with way too many facts for the same link and nothing for others (specifically on the face of the Balance Sheet, e.g.)


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