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DQC Rule 0004 - Assets




  • Mike

    Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for the question. Here is some more specific detailed guidance from the XBRL.US Data Quality committee on this rule:

    This rule is specific to calculating Assets, so likely there is some conflict between Total Assets not equaling Current Assets + Non-current Assets. Beyond that, it's a bit hard to know exactly how to resolve without reviewing your actual tagging and calculation structure in your document. Let me  know what question you have for me and if you would like more individualized assistance, you an always reach out to Customer Support, or your CSM to get some help for your Professional Services team to evaluate your XBRL in further detail.

    Thanks again and happy Monday!

  • Dawn Rathnow

    Thanks Mike!  I figured it out once I stopped focusing on just the Balance Sheet.  We had a tagged a # as noncurrent assets but it was excluding GW and Intangible - so I created an extension so that it was not being picked up in the assets total for DQC :)

    Now on to figuring out why the SoSE rollforward details are not showing the ending and beginning balances in the correct spots in the SEC viewer.


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