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Date formats




  • Official comment

    Slight update for you today regarding formatting of dates.

    Released just yesterday was Custom Date Formats, which allows you to add a customized option for your dates (as the name implies). This is accessible from the right-hand Formats panel.

    From here you could apply a format with mmm. to show an abbreviated date with a period after it and then reuse that format for your document.

    Hopefully that helps some. Do let me know if you have any questions on this enhancement or have any feedback. Thanks as always and happy Friday!

  • Mike

    Oof, well this embarrassing. I totally missed your awesome enhancement request all those months ago. My apologies there.

    I do find a few requests for the AP style formatting of dates, and I'm happy to connect your request there too. I'd also encourage other community peeps to add their two-cents to your suggestion here as well.

    Thank again for your contributions and apologies on my epic delay in getting to it. Have a great day, and an excellent weekend. Cheers! 🍻

  • Victoria Michaels

    I agree with Joe's request. It would be useful to have the option to link a date using the AP Style date formats to abbreviate months so that it includes the period.

    Mike, do you have any status updates on this?


  • Mike

    Thanks for your interest, Victoria. As far as an update, sadly this item didn't quite make the list for work during Q4 2021 so the earliest it could get picked up as of now is in Q1 2022. I'll definitely share your interest with the team and will keep you updated.


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