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  • Official comment

    Hi Stacy!

    Wanted to let you know that last night's release has now made this functionality available, i.e. the link indicator is off for reviews. This includes previously created reviews you already have today, and future reviews too.

    Thanks as always and have a happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🥧 🤗

  • Kevin Walker

    Hi Stacy Gilbert!

    First, thanks for posting. Secondly, the intention was to allow reviewers to see that numbers were linked to a source, demonstrating the value of connected reporting to reviewers. However, you make an excellent point about needing a "clean" view of the review. I've added this to our list of improvements for Digital Review. 

    Do you see any reason showing these indicators (or others, such as formulas, spell check, etc.) would be valuable in a digital review? 

  • Stacy Gilbert

    I think there is value depending on the person reviewing.  For example, when the manager of SEC Reporting sends me a review of the 10Q for example, I like to see the source links and formulas (and honestly would always go into the live document in Classic so I could see these links). But I do a different type / level of review as compared to my manager, who is the Chief Accounting Officer, for example.  When we send the 10Q to the CFO and CAO for review, they are reviewing at a much higher level and for overall content - not formulas or link level detail like me. It is the executives in our organization that don't want to see the indicators that is why I think having the ability to 'turn off' the source indictors for any particular review would be extremely beneficial for a large number of our reviewers. 


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