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Chain Iterators




  • Jeff Hickey

    The values "Q1", "Q2", "Q3", and "Q4" are a static list to iterate over. The screen shot in the documentation is using the Workiva command Run Query which may cause some confusion as to how this node would use the static list. An easier way to think of it is to replace the "Qn" values with Query IDs that you'd like the Run Query node to iterate over. Below is an example screenshot:

    In this example, the Run Query node will run twice as it iterates over the static list of Query IDs "202d75736eab475c9b7bf77f12947706", and "153a24281rtx273n6x3sg25d7w923433". The variable "Command Iteration" is added to the Query ID field which will populate with the Query ID of the current iteration.

  • Bradley Coleman

    Thanks so much.  That is very helpful.  


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