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How to connect data from general ledger to wdesk?



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  • Dillon Jenkins

    Hello Jasmine,

    The process is dependent on several factors:

    • The specific GL (Each is very different)
    • Company specific security and compliance policies
    • Business requirements (Scheduled or on-demand updates)
    • Existing integration applications already used by your company

    As an overview, Workiva has robust APIs that can be leveraged to integrate and automate data transfer. The APIs can be consumed by existing, third-party applications that your company already owns to create automated processes between the two systems. You can also utilize our connectors which give you the ability to create and maintain these automated processes directly in Workiva. Our connectors leverage the same Workiva APIs, but they also provide a user friendly experience for interacting with other applications such as a general ledger. Regardless of which path you choose, any interaction with our APIs leaves an audit trail the same as the rest of the platform. Implementation of an integration must be completed by your internal IT/Technical team, otherwise, Workiva can recommend an implementation partner that specializes in system integration.

    As I noted above, deciding the best approach for integration is dependent on several factors, and I'd suggest reaching out to your CSM or Account Director for more information.




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