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2018 SEC-IFRS and 2018 DEI taxonomies to be unsupported by SEC


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    The SEC announced there will be an EDGAR release today, September 21. The main disclosed updates in this release include adding new form types, adding the ability to R-tag iXBRL documents, and the update to no longer support the 2018 SEC-IFRS and 2018 DEI taxonomies. Workiva has planned for all of the proposed changes that were disclosed in the release details to make sure our users are minimally impacted and can continue to file.

    The specifics
    The 2018 SEC-IFRS and 2018 DEI taxonomies are no longer be supported by the SEC and cannot be filed. You will need to migrate from these taxonomies.

    The new EDGAR form types and XBRL updates are being added to Workiva, and should be released soon, including the support of R-tags in iXBRL, which will only be supported in next gen Documents. Stay tuned to What's New for those product updates.

    In the meantime, let us know what questions you have. Thanks and happy filing!

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