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XBRL Scaling issue-Classic Documents



  • Mike

    Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for reaching out. Happy to take a look at this question.

    It's hard to tell for sure if this is an XBRL accuracy issue, or if perhaps underlying linked number is entered in at the source in the wrong accuracy (i.e. in thousands, when it's really in ones).
    To check the Face Accuracy in Classic, you'd want to navigate to the Fact Properties button at the bottom right of the document window. From there you can see what the underlying value says it is and what the accuracy is set to.
    If that pans out, you'd want to check the underlying source value. To do that, click on the Link Properties icon in the right-hand panel, then choose the source location at the top and choose Jump to Location, which opens the location of the linked value. From here, look at the Entered In value at top menu bar, like so:

    If this value is set wrong then that would correspond to the raw value being reported incorrectly. I'd recommend checking two areas (fact accuracy and/or linked source value) to see if either is the culprit. If neither address the issue, let me know and I'll keep digging. Thanks again for reaching out and chat with soon!
  • Michelle OMalley

    Hi Mike-thank you so much for the quick response!!

    We got to the root of the turns out in our stockholders' equity footnote we include shares and aggregate intrinsic value in the same table. XBRL will default to the most accurate figure identified, so we won't show thousands in the rendering-causing the extra zeros. The fix here would be to add a non-printing section or to keep the tables as they are and let the zeros be there and keep the table as it is.

    Thank you for your help!!


  • Mike

    No problem, glad you were able to resolve and thanks for providing the resolution as well. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend in the meantime. Cheers! 🍻


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