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  • Mike

    Hi An!

    Great questions. I did a little digging on these and got the following answers.

    1. From a testing perspective, these are the notifications a test will receive:
      Control Ready for Testing notification/task is created when a phase is added to a test form and it is not assigned to anyone. This is only seen by admins. The task is cleared when "Start Testing is clicked". This task will not be created during rollforward or imports.
      Control Testing notification/task is created when "Start Testing" is clicked and it is assigned to the tester. This task will clear when Phase is sent for review.
      Control Ready for Review/task is created when testing is sent for review and there is an assigned reviewer. Cleared once review has been approved
    2. Data admins will receive the notification(s)
    3. At this time, there's not a setting to disable these notifications but I've passed this feedback along for further discussion by our Product Team.

    I'm doing some further digging on the above to make sure I didn't miss anything, but wanted to give you my initial results. Hit me up with any follow-ups you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks much and have a great rest of your day!

  • An Nguyen

    Thank you Mike for digging on this topic. Your responses are so helpful.

    For 3.We do not want to totally disable all notifications, we'd prefer the option to select which one to be turned off, and update the frequency of receiving them (from multiple time daily for each single notification to a daily or weekly briefing.

    Thanks and have a great day.


  • Mike

    No problem, An. Happy to help.

    And that makes sense. Given your additional info, I do have one option for you that could work. In our Classic platform, there was/is a feature called Bundled Emails. It works by batching the notifications that Wdesk sends out for things like tasks and directed comments, and waits to send them in whatever time intervals you set. This setting would work for the above notifications mentioned, but the only caveat is that this setting isn't all the way migrated over into Workspaces, so in order to adjust it you need to make this change in Classic Admin so it will flow into your Workspace. Here's the steps to do that.

    1. Open Classic Admin

    If you are a Worksapce Owner, you are inherently a Classic Admin too. From the lower left corner of Home, click on your name and select the option for Classic Account Admin. Next, navigate to the Settings tab.

    2. Edit Settings and Enable Bundled Emails

    From the General tab in Settings (the default one) you should see a green button for Edit Settings. Click that and from here you can first enable the setting for Bundled Emails. The pop-up has a section that says Email Bundles and there's a checkbox for Delayed Email Notification. Select that checkbox.

    3. Adjust your Minimum and Maximum Delays

    This is the trickiest part of the setting. Once you click the option to enable the delayed notification, these options appear. Manipulating these settings will impact when the bundled emails are sent to your members. There are two fields, one for Minimum Notification Delay, and one for Maximum Notification Delay. The boxes look like this:

    Simply put, Minimum Notification Delay is the shortest amount of time the application will wait to send an email, while Maximum Notification Delay is the longest amount of time it will wait. The default is 600 secs (10 min) for MIN and 1800 secs (30 min) for MAX, so for example, if you are sending out tasks to a member every 5 mins, the system will wait until 30 mins to send out the email with a total of 6 tasks. If you sent only one task, the system will wait 10 mins to send that email.

    To send only one per day or over the week, you can set it to be something like a min of 440 minutes (60 mins x 8 hrs) and a max of 2200 mins (60 mins x 8 hrs x 5 days). You can tweak this however you want, really, to get it to how you desire. Note that this would impact directed comments, tasks, etc. for you entire Workspace, not just the SOX notifications.

    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have there, or if you need anything else. Thanks and chat soon!

  • Nicole Sackedis

    Mike - I have a different question regarding notifications.  In Classic, the email notifications would tell the recipient not only the file the comment was in but the section the comment or comments were in.  Now in Next Gen, we don't seem to receive the email notifications that tell you what section the new comment is in and when we send responses back and forth we are having trouble looking for the one in particular.  Did the email notification setting change in Next Gen to eliminate the section of the document from being included in the email.




  • Mike

    Hi Nicole!

    Good eyes 👀 

    Yes, in checking, I can confirm this DID change in next gen, but you are not alone in wanting this change back. Our Product Team is looking into this but I don't have a timeline on when it would be prioritized for possible release. I've shared your input here, but do let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime.

    Thanks as always for your contributions and have a great rest of your day!

  • Mike

    Great news! A recent release to Workiva has now added the section name into the comment notification emails.

    Thanks as always for your patience and feedback. Let us know if you have any questions or need anything else. Cheers, and happy commenting!


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