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Download query result - unknown error




  • Jeff Hickey

    The 404 error means that the 'Query Result ID' did not resolve to a valid query result. Double check that you're selecting the correct variable for the value of Query Result ID.

    For example, you may begin by running the 'Run Query' node ( This returns a JSON array of Query Results. Included in the results is the ID. Create a link to the 'Download Query Results' node ( Within 'Download Query Results', click on the field 'Query Result ID'. In the left hand 'Select a variable' panel, expand and click on Run Query > Query Results > ID. Save the node, and test your Chain again.

  • Lauren Thompson

    Thanks Jeff - this is very helpful! 

    I have moved on to the next step in my chain which is the "Overwrite sheet data" function.  Any chance you know how to clear this error?

    The sheet used is used in earlier parts of my chain without error, so I am unsure why it is causing trouble at this step. 

  • Jeff Hickey

    This error is thrown when the value for the 'Data File' field is incorrect. It looks like you are trying to add either the Spreadsheet ID or Sheet ID as the data file. This needs to be a CSV file containing the data you want to write to the Sheet.

    For example, using the Chain created in the last post, you could link to 'Overwrite Sheet Data' ( after the  'Download Query Results' node. Within 'Overwrite Sheet Data', click on the field 'Data File'. In the left hand 'Select a variable' panel, expand and click on Download Query Results > Query Results. With valid Spreadsheet ID and Sheet ID set, this will write the contents of the query to the Sheet when the Chain runs.


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