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XBRL Migration


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  • Mike

    Hi Cricket!

    Looks like this one slipped away from me a bit and got lost in the shuffle. My apologies there. I just chatted with our XBRL team a bit on this and wanted to confirm a few things with you.

    When migrating, either in next gen or Classic, the migration log should include those notes. Are you not seeing them in your log? In next gen, the migration log can be found within the XBRL profile once you have migrated. There will be a link in the profile saying “View Migration Log”, which will prompt you to then download the .csv file of the log.

    In Classic, however, the .csv should automatically get saved to Wdesk Home and you can search for it there. Sometimes searching for ".csv" is the easiest way to find it.
    Let me know what questions you have for me on the above, or if I've missed the mark entirely (its been known to happen). In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and have a great day!

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