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How long does it take to setup Sync between Workiva and Yardi for the first time?




  • Mike

    Hi Amelia,

    I'm digging into this a bit with our Wdata team. Checking our existing connection list, and I do not see one yet for Yardi. Based on that, you'd probably want to either establish more generic connectors to automate some of this via Chains, or establish an API connection and have that data dropped into a Workiva Spreadsheet in that way. As far as time to get that setup, that's likely more determined by the availability of your own IT team to implement either of these. More info is available here on Help, both here for Chains,, and here for APIs,

    Let me know what questions you have on the above, or if you need anything else. Thanks for your contributions to the AMA and have an excellent day!

  • Steve Stegelin

    Amelia, you should be able use a flat file transfer connection—like SFTP or FTP & FTPS—to enable a chain to automate a sync with Yardi. Setting up the connection and chain should be a matter of hours, not days. Hope that helps! 


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