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XIRR / XNPV Calculations




  • Official comment

    Great news, friends! Support for the XIRR formula is now on the future product roadmap. While I do not have a timeline for when it will be made available, this is step in the right direction. We'll continue to take in new requests and feedback in the interim. Do let us know what questions you have in the meantime. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Thanks for your feedback, Jose!

    Just wanted to let you know that our product team is taking a second look at adding in support for the XIRR formula. We'll keep you updated but do let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • Nitika Rattan

    Hi Mike and workiva team,

    Wanted to check on status for adding XIRR/XNPV formulas. It is required for few reports and workpapers that I have at hand. Absence of XIRR formula is a deal-breaker to consider workiva as a potential solution.

  • Mike

    Thanks for reaching out, Nitika!

    Our product team is considering adding support for these formulas and the good news is they have recently regained some interest. The earliest I might anticipate seeing these picked up to be worked on, however, is Q1 2022. This could be expedited if interest in these continued to increase, as well.

    I've shared your comments and will be keeping you apprised going forward. We definitely encourage others who are interested in these formulas to let us know either in a comment or by voting up this suggestion. Thanks again and give us a holler if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • Cassie Glass

    Not sure how to vote on this but we are interested in having the XNPV formula available for use in Workiva.

  • Mike

    Thanks for contributing, Cassie! I've got your request recorded.

    For reference, the voting mechanism is the up and down arrows to the right of a post or comment. But a comment works even better :)

  • Chauhan, Mehul

    The XIRR function would really solve lot of financial reporting use cases we would like to use Workiva for. Hope this gets expedited.

  • Laura Johnston

    Very much agreed. XIRR formula would be a huge benefit for my team. Consider this an additional vote for time-weighted return/value calc integration!!!

  • Jason Zeman

    This would be an awesome enhancement for us too, tracking the response here too!



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