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Connect to Host Analytics




  • Mike

    Hi Trung,

    Welcome to the Community, and great question! I'm happy to help answer for you.

    We definitely want you to be able to connect Host Analytics with Workiva. The good news is this is totally possible. While its possible to connect via an API, we do also supply a built in Spreadsheet Connector as well, which is available through our Chains product, within Wdata. A list of available Wdata Chains connections can be found here:

    To get a connection setup, you'd need to first have access to Wdata itself to then enable Chains. To check if you have it, you should be able to see Wdata in your Home navigation, like so:

    If you do not see Wdata, you'll need to reach out to Account Exec and/or CSM to see about getting that added. If you do see it, you can then proceed with establishing the connection, but this would require an Admin for your Org. Essentially you'd follow these steps here:
    Once that is done, you can use Chains and its Host Analytics connection to create automated workflows and sync data between Workiva and Host Analytics. This can include a chain to pull data from Host Analytics and feeding it into a Spreadsheet.

    Hopefully this helps answer your question some. Do let me know what other questions you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks again, and have a super day in the meantime. Cheers!
  • Trung Quach

    Hi Michael, 

    Thanks for your response. This gives me a better picture. If I wanted to go down the API route, where would I start and look?





  • Mike

    No problem, Trung. Glad that helped a bit.

    Regarding the API approach, for Spreadsheets we recommend using Wdata and Chains to provide a much more user friendly way to make the connection between Wdata and outside systems. That's not to say you can't setup an API itself. This of course takes some backend work by your own IT team. More info and guides on this process can be found here:

    Let me know what other questions you have. Thanks much and happy Wednesday!


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