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Has anyone finished tagging the new \securities registered...\" box on the 10-Q cover?"




  • Cindy Vickrey

    My CSM told me that according to the PSM team, their guidance so far has been not to tag those items.  I'm not getting any error messages without those items tagged.

  • Gabe M

    Thanks for responding! My CSM confirmed this, as well. In fact, he added that he was told we shouldn't tag them because it's not required.

  • Gregory Poznic

    SEC requires you tag these items on the cover.  You can look search 10Q/Ks on for recent filers you tagged their cover page.  For the exchange you can use the "dei_SecurityExchangeName" tag and for title of each class you would use "dei_Security12bTitle."  Wdesk has guides for tagging the cover in the help section. Go to Help>XBRL for SEC>iXBRL>Tagging Cover pages with iXBRL.


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