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Questions before migrating to iXBRL



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  • Mike

    Thanks for the questions, Corrina! Happy to help answer them as best I can. Here goes.

    1. You may be able to move some of your phantom tagged items out of non-printing sections. There may also be some items that will still need to be phantom tagged as well. There are many approaches, so I'd also be interested in some of the best practices other iXBRL filers are taking with regards to moving phantom tags.

    2. As you might imagine based off my first comment, yes, you can still phantom tag items in iXBRL. In fact, it will likely be needed for some items. Regarding your second question here, yes, it's possible that you'd get a validation error for some phantom tags, the most likely being related to phantom tags in your DEI section. This particular validation message would also not be able to be fully resolved, but this is also something the SEC is aware of.

    There is more info on tagging with iXBRL available here on the Help site: Also, I'd encourage you to check out this XBRL Office Hours on implementing and reviewing iXBRL:

    Let me know what additional questions you have, or if you need any clarification on the above. Thanks again!


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