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Best method for Proxy card in filing



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  • Mike

    Hi Gabe,

    This is a common question we get. The best and most common method I see our customers using is to insert images of the proxy card directly into their Wdesk document section. While you probably receive your proxy card in PDF format, not in images, you can, however, use that PDF to generate the images you need. There are a few ways to do this.

    Method 1 - Save PDF as Image and Upload to Project

    Both Adobe Reader and Adobe Pro will allow you to save a PDF as another format, in this case as an image. To do so, open the PDF and from the File menu choose Save As. Next, from that pop-up, name your file and choose the location for the saved image. Then, select the format to be JPEG  and Save, like so:

    After saving, you will have an image of each page of your proxy card in the chosen location. Next, upload the these saved images to your Wdesk proxy project and insert the images into your proxy document. Each image should take up an entire page.

    Method 2 - EDGARize the PDF in your Project

    Wdesk allows you to directly convert a PDF document into an EDGARized version. Follow these steps outlined here:

    After you EDGARize the PDF, a folder will be created in your project which contains the images you want to use, like so:

    Next, drag each image into your Proxy document. In the above example, image 'abc2017proxycard001.jpg' is the first page of the proxy card. The other is the second page. The images should each take up an entire page.

    Lastly, when you are finished adding the images to your document, you'll want to remove both the uploaded PDF and EDGARized HTM file ('abc2017proxycard.htm' in my above example) from your project. This is mostly to prevent any confusion at filing time.

    Hope this was of some help. Let me know if you need any further info on either of the above methods, or in general. Thanks as always and have a great day. Cheers!


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