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How to clean up bleed through on the income statement in XBRL previewer




  • Rachael Olive

    In many cases, experiencing bleed-through in the SEC XBRL Viewer is perfectly normal and no corrective action is needed. Assuming the items are tagged properly and the corresponding XBRL outline is structured correctly, there isn’t anything you can do or should do to modify the appearance.

    With that said, it does seem interesting that you are currently experiencing bleed through and not in previous periods. To rule out any tagging issue scenarios, did any of your tagging change and/or did you modify your outline structure? If so, this could be the cause of the bleed-through. Assuming the new tagging and outline change was implemented properly, you would be left with the bleed through and no corrective action needed.

    If the tagging is identical to previous periods, there is another thing you can try. The XBRL Viewer found in Wdesk is based on technology maintained by the SEC. However, the SEC Previewer (found on has additional functionality that is not provided to software developers and can impact the appearance of the XBRL data. You could upload your data to the SEC site to confirm the appearance. It’s possible that the bleed-through will not appear on the SEC site. If interested here are the steps:

    1)  Generate XBRL for the entire project.

    2)  From the actions drop-down menu, select Download XBRL Filing Docs


    3)  Submit the downloaded .zip file to the SEC Previewer

    Lastly, as the SEC maintains the functionality of the SEC Viewer, they also periodically update it based on new guidance and EDGAR Filer Manual updates. This could also have resulted in that change of appearance.

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks! 

  • Trisha Kassner

    If you just transitioned to spreadsheets from workbooks, you'll experience bleed through because spreadsheets makes the original source link the source link for everything. We fixed this by removing the links between tabs in the spreadsheets and using the cross-sheet formula to pick up that cell instead. 


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