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Errors with phone number and filing entity




  • Mike

    Hi Wayne!

    Thanks for the questions. I'm happy to help as best I can.

    Your questions sounds similar to this one. Do the steps outlined there help resolve the issue for you? Let me know if not and I'll be happy to keep digging.

    Thanks again and chat soon. Best!

  • Cindy Vickrey
    Not sure if you are having problems with the area code or the phone number.  They have to be tagged separately.  Make sure you don't have the parenthesis on the area code tagged.  For example, tag 864, not (864).
  • Wayne Yee

    Thanks Cindy.  Yes, I have them separate without the parenthesis.  that error went away though, I had the phone number value format as "accounting", so I changed it to "text" and that fixed it.  So it's good to double check the value format if you are getting errors since it's easy to overlook

    For my error on the "large accelerated filer", I followed the instructions in the link and I did a right-cick, clear contents, then re-wrote "Large accelerated filer" and this worked.


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