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Our latest 10K filing is not available on the Taxonomy Analyzer. Will it be available?




  • Official comment

    Hi Beth et al!

    Quick update here. With both iXBRL becoming the standard, and Classic going away, there will be some downtime with accessing the Company Filing Comparison tool in next gen XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer. Our Product Team is only in the early stages of planning this out, but I'll certainly keep you apprised of new progress. And if you're interested in this feature, just give this post a vote or add your feedback in a comment below and we'll get you connected. Thanks again and happy filings!

  • Mike
    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for reaching out. Unless your filing was in iXBRL format (which it doesn't appear it is) I would certainly expect it to be available in the Taxonomy Analyzer. I've pass this onto our Support Team to investigate further and will get back to you on here just as soon as I have any further info, or any follow-up questions for you. Let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime too.

    Thanks for bringing to our attention and hope you have a great day otherwise. Cheers!
  • Mike
    Hi Beth,

    I do have a bit of an answer for you, and sadly, its not great news. It appears that many filings from Feb. 22 were not grabbed by the Taxonomy Analyzer. We are still not sure why this occurred, and its unlikely our Product Team will be able to fetch them at this time. That may change, depending on the necessity of those filings, but my apologies for not having these available. I've passed your desire along to the team and if there is a change, I'll definitely keep you updated.

    In the meantime, let me know you have any questions for me, or need anything else. Thanks for you understanding and have a great day.

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