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Using spreadsheet connectors to bring in external data sources




  • Carmine Torrecuso
    I believe this is the first step with using Wdata Prep but I could be mistaken.
  • Mike

    Wanted to resurrect this post as its a good one and there's been loads of improvements and new connectors added since.

    Today you can connect a Spreadsheet via an OOTB connector we have available. Here's a listing of what's there today:

    In addition, "Prep" was sunset and replaced by Chains, which is extremely versatile and offers lots of customizable options. I'm a pretty novice user of Wdata and even I created a connection, which works great! Here's some info on Chains:

    Furthermore, if you don't see the connector listed, there are other routes to pull this data in, notably using an API connection to pull that in through Chains. More info on stuff like that can be found here:

    Note: the API setup would likely require the assistance of your own IT teams to get that pulled off.

    Interested in how others are tacking this today, for sure, and if there's any connectors that are missing. Always eager to add more of what you need!


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