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How can I create a user-centric report for users at the group-permission level?



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  • Jade Robbins
    The best way to handle that today would be to add a new Control Stakeholder Type and call it "Oversight" (or something that makes more sense) and add those users as control stakeholders.

    Then, if you already have a user-centric report for controls (typically called "My Controls" or something like that) you can just give permissions to that report to your oversight group and they will be able to see the controls they oversee.

    Right now user-centric reports are keyed directly off the currently logged in user, but we've definitely had some discussions on how we can make it a little easier to work with groups in the future.

    To get help making a new Control Stakeholder Type or if you need tweaks to your user-centric reports to work with this idea just contact your CSM.

    Thanks for the question! 

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