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Can an imported taxonomy be associated with existing project?




  • Mike
    Welcome to the Community, Stella!

    The answer to your question is both yes and no. Yes, its possible to import and use the 2017 taxonomy you have. The caveat here is that you'd need to retag your document from scratch using that imported taxonomy. This is because your existing doc has 2016 tagging data attached to the facts in your current outline.

    Given that, it seems your best bet would still be to use the XBRL taxonomy migration tool in Wdesk and move to the 2017 taxonomy to convert your existing outline to that taxonomy. Just curious, is there a reason you are not wanting to migrate to 2017 in Wdesk?

    Let me know if you have any questions for me on the above or need anything else. Thanks for the question and have a great day!

  • stella gao
    Hi, Mike,

    Thanks for your quick reply.    Is there documentation on how to associate the imported taxonomy with the existing project? 

    The reason I want to use the above mentioned approach is that the XBRL generation was failed after Wdesk taxonomy migration was done successfully  I received an error: " The generation did not generate successfully...."    

    I wish there is a quick fix on this issue, so that I don't need to use the first approach - bring in external taxonomy and retag from scratch.


  • Mike
    Hi Stella,

    Before we go down the road of associating a new outline with the document and retagging your document, I believe we should be able to resolve the error you are seeing and keep your existing tagging data. This should definitely be a timesaver.

    Can you explain a little more about what the error says when you attempt to generate post-migration, i.e. is there a specific item, tag, etc., it mentions?

    Let me know if you have any questions for me on the above, or anything else. Thanks, and talk to you soon. Best!

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