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Do I need to tag "90 days"?



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  • Mike

    Hi Ricardo!

    I am cleaning up some older posts and found this one was missing some previous comments that didn't come through during our site migration. Anyway, I'm updating this post with some of our previous comments.

    Based on the information you provided above, we'd recommend tagging the 90 days. Furthermore, if you examine the taxonomy and can't find a suitable concept to tag it with, you’ll need to create an extension. When dealing with periods of time (i.e. months, days, years) the item type for the concept must be duration.  Here is an example of a useful life concept:

    With an item type of duration, you do have the ability to apply a date range to match your disclosure. So in your case if you want to represent a point in time, you would create a single -day duration  (start and end date are the same). 

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks as always!


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