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How many extentions do I have?



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  • Mike

    Hi Matthew,

    There isn’t a single report that performs that comparison for you. However, you could get the number of extensions from each of your filings and then make that comparison.

    One method to identify all the extensions includes downloading the ‘All Facts Report’ for each of the relevant filings.

    Once downloaded, filter the ‘Ext.” column (column C) and select ‘Yes’. This will show your listing of extensions.

    You can also find a comprehensive list of your extended elements (i.e. line item concepts, axis, members, etc.) by using step 4a of the Taxonomy Migration. Even though you're not migrating, you can use this report to identify all of your extensions. 

    Extensions will be displayed in the notifications panel which you can copy to a Spreadsheet. After collecting the extension information for the relevant time periods, you can then perform your comparison.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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