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Add title for signers within certifications?




  • Benjamin Wagner

    Hey Lisa Isaacson (Director, Financial Operations)

    Welcome to the Community! Adding a signer's title to their certification response is not currently a functionality within Workiva, however we have had similar requests from other customers.

    We have created a ticket for you so that our products team knows we have another vote for this feature! You will be updated on the status/progress of your ticket.

  • Candice Adams

    We have this same issue/request. For now we are keeping an external reference file with signer's titles so it is available when we have to confirm that signers are appropriate. This would be a great add.

  • As a work around, we added the title to the person's last name field.  This works - but now their title shows up on everything in Workiva (comments on documents, etc) - but we figured that was OK as a trade-off to get the titles to appear on the certs. 

    Workiva Support - please consider adding this to the next rev of the certs module.  IMO, having the title is critical to sub cert sign offs for SOX.  The auditors want to see the roles that have signed - and name is just not enough.

    EDIT:  my title is even showing up here 


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