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Museo Slab 500 - Trying to make bold




  • Mike

    Hi Tyler!

    Thanks for the question. Happy to provide some clarification for you on what you are seeing and how to resolve.

    How the font Museo Slab 500 is mapped in Workiva, the bold button would not change the font style at all. This is because there's no bold version of the font from the font designer. Microsoft products can fake this in their applications and bold a font even if no style exists. Workiva does not do this for fonts which is probably what you see in Power Point. Workiva does also support Museo 700 (as well as Museo 100, 300 and Museo Slab 300, 1000, and Museo Sans 100, 300, 500, 700, and 900). If you'd be interested in getting any of those added to your Org, let me know and we can enable them. We can also look into Museo Slab 700 as a possible add and/or compare how it looks versus Museo 700 as they could be slightly different.

    Let me know what follow-ups you have and if you need anything else. Cheers!

  • Tyler Vernon

    Thanks Mike - yes, I think adding Museo Slab 700 (and perhaps Museo Slab 900) would help - Museo Slab 700 looks like a "bolded" Museo Slab 500. I'll reach out to my CSR to see about some of the other addition options that are currently available.


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