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Option for showing numbers as mixed numbers & words




  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Andrew, 

    Unfortunately, there is not a "shown in" option for this specific scenario but I do have two workaround options for you. 

    1. You can format a destination link to show with a "long" unit format. I am not seeing that same option for the source value in a Spreadsheet, however the source could be 9,345,000 and then linked to a file to be shown as 9.345 million.

    2. You are able to add a suffix to the cell and could type out "million" however I recognize this doesn't increase flexibility and still requires additional text.

    Being able to change the format of a number to "long" more easily, and in more instances, would be a great suggestion for our product team to consider for future implementation. If you'd like, I am happy to get a ticket made for you! 

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thanks so much for the helpful information Courtnie Carver. Option #1 is exactly what we're looking for. I think it's just hard to sometimes understand/remember exactly which combination of checkboxes / dropdowns one must modify to see the full range of ways a number can be displayed. It's a bit arcane to remember that to show as "nine million," for example, you need to format it as a number (NOT as text, somewhat confusingly, although it makes sense) and then tick the "show numbers as words" checkbox when it appears, but then to show it as "9 million," you have to change the units drop-down, etc.


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