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Replacing letter in copied process




  • Brandon Ehrecke

    Hi Candice!

    Great question! Currently, there is not a way to copy w/o the letter. That said, it may be better to consider building a new process instead of copying. The use of Bulk Certifications would allow for the use of a group to assign the same letter to many in one step. Alternatively, if copy is still used, the letter assigned could be updated to reflect changes vs creating a new letter. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

  • Candice Adams

    Thank you for the response. Some of the certification processes have a complicated structure which is why users want to use the copy so they don't have to rebuild all of the actions every quarter. Bulk certifications isn't the preferred option for our users since it requires maintenance of the group and still require manually updating each action as they each have different titles. I will continue to test to find the best option for our users.


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