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How to create Text Box in workviva document




  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Tuan Jun Goh
    This is not currently available at Workiva, but I will get you added to an idea ticket for this to be a possibility in the future.
    We appreciate your feedback!

  • Andrew McKenzie

    This is a feature of Designed Reporting Tuan Jun Goh.

  • Tuan Jun Goh

    Thanks, Andrew McKenzie

    Is the Designed Reporting an additional feature on Workviva that I need to pay for to get access?

    I assume it is not free to all access.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Tuan Jun Goh you can refer to Introduction to Designed Reporting in Workiva – Support Center for more information.

  • Mike

    Hi Tuan!

    I can help answer that. Though its available for all solutions, as mentioned here, depending on what solution you have, Designed Reporting may require an add-on to enable. You'd need to work with your Account Rep or CSM to see if an add-on is required and/or any pricing details there.

    Hopefully that helps. Give me a holler if you need anything else or have questions. Cheers!


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