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Executing chain: Failure - Invalid Client ID



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  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Vidit,

    Here are a couple areas to check.

    1. Ensure that you have copied the Client ID and Client Secret completely. It is best to click the clipboard icon next to each when copying. Otherwise make sure you've copied the full strings and have not included any leading or trailing white space.

    2. Paste the Client ID value into the ID field in the Workiva Connector

    3. Paste the Client Secret into the Secret field in the Workiva Connector.

    4. If you are on the US production environment ( then you do not need to provide values for the override fields. If you are on any other environment (, then you must fill in the overrides fields for your environment.

    Double check the above four steps and try again. If you continue to run into errors, please contact support at


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