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Sort and Filter functionality in the reports screen




  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Naren, 

    Maurice sent this request into us on your behalf so we have already set up a ticket for you and you should have already received an email from us! You will be updated on any progress/updates that we get from our Support team while they consider this feature for future implementation. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions. As always, others are welcome to upvote this idea as well!

  • Kirk Chilton

    Hi Courtnie,

    I'll second this request as the rigidity of not being able to delete cancelled processes makes the status report screen very messy, so the ability to filter out cancelled (and even completed) processes will help focus on those which are only outstanding.

  • Courtnie Carver

    Thank you for your vote, Kirk. We will add you to the list and keep you updated!

  • Kasey Rhodes

    We need to be able to filter/sort letters with exceptions, as well. We send to over 400 people and it would be nice to have one section of exception responses that need to be reviewed similar to the old certifications. 

  • Wendy Pelkey

    I'm boggled by the fact there is no 'search' or 'sort' functionality. I just sent over 800 certs and to find a specific employee is maddening. At the very least there should be sort capability on 'status' and 'assigned to'.  Also it is alphabetical for 'assigned to' within the window but not for the entire certification process, I literally have to just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling...I cant believe we are paying for this product!


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