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Using Processes for certifications - how to print all the certs once completed in one step




  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Pat Flanakin

    Currently this is not available, but I will create an idea ticket for you to track progress on this.

    For audit purposes, you could do an export of each file and then put those files into the feature “Binder”. That is intended for audit purposes and the auditors could see all the files in one place, plus comment with the customer through the send for review feature within the binder

  • Stefanie Auter

    Pat Flanakin Do you see this option in your certification?

  • Stefanie Auter

    Isaac Oard doing an export of each file is not a workable solution for most processes. It sounds like you are recommending that you have to individually export each item to PDF and then aggregate the PDFs into a binder, but the binder currently only allows you to add 100 documents, which is less than most of our processes have. That's a significant, time-consuming exercise that previously took 30 seconds to click the button and save the PDF in the old solution. 

  • Pat Flanakin

    Stephanie, I do see that!  thanks!  That was what I was looking for.


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