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Using Processes for certifications - time zone selection




  • Official comment

    Fantastic news, friends! This enhancement has been added to our future product roadmap. I don't have a specific timeline for when this will get worked on as of  yet, but its a step in the right direction. We'll continue to take in new requests here and will keep you apprised of developments. Thanks as always and keep staying great!

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Pat Flanakin

    This is not currently available within Workiva. However, I have created an idea ticket for you to track any updates or progress on this.

  • Margaret Warren

    Chiming in as we would like to see this capability as well. Its helpful for us to see when, in our current time zone, something is approved. 

  • Kasey Rhodes

    We would like this function, as well. I asked my CSM about it in early July and she said there were no plan to change from UTC. I don't see why that wouldn't be an option for users. 

  • Tatiana Nunes

    We would like this function, as well

  • Chelsea Dixon

    We would also like this function. 


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