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Instructor-led Live Training Coming to Workiva! Let us know you thoughts!




  • Frances Keys

    1. All functionalities that are more complex tailored to the environment we use it for. 

    2. 1-1.5 hours per week over 4 weeks

    3. The project phases and processes and the detail of what it entails and what to expect as a customer

  • Trish Fritsche

    1 to 2 hours over a set period of weeks in between publishing deadlines.

    Best Practices.

  • Jennifer Shushnar

    I would love to see some Live XBRL trainings that would take some of the less common warnings (blues and yellows) and show you how to clear.  the instructions on the warnings especially for Concept outline items aren't real easy to understand or to correct.  

    willing to put a couple hours a month in off reporting months.


  • Candice Adams
    1. How to use the support center, starting with the SOX & Internal Audit page. High level walkthrough start to finish of testing a control and completing a test in audit that covers key features - PBC requests, testing matrix, review, creating issues, creating action plans. Basics of using reports.
    2. My preference would be 1 hour a day over a few days (3-4) in one week
    3. Other topics should be more admin focused - user management, best practices, overview of recently new features, topics based on community posts or polls
  • Barbara Glenn

    We are deploying this to teams outside of the traditional usage and right now there are a few of us handling the initial demos. We are covering functionality that we think might be beneficial but there may be something we don't cover or haven't investigated yet. We also have a mix of skill sets in our audience.  I think it would be helpful to have some sessions that are a mix of basic functionality and moving into advanced, with later sessions that are more advanced.  Having a good foundation for the basic will help these teams better understand how they can leverage the advanced functionality, be able to ask more informed questions, and push continued expansion.

  • Diana Corvin

    1. Best practices, addressing common complex areas, or building out an audit together. 

    2. 1-2 hr(s) every week for a period of time.

  • Anna Shilikbayeva

    1. Reports creation and using; dashboards creation and using. 

    2. 1 hour per week 

    3. Deep dive into permissions. Permissions central - how to have a general view of permissions by user, rather that by report or dashboard? 

  • Katie Hill

    Thank you all for the feedback so far! This is extremely valuable for us as we build out this new offering. 

    @Barbara Glenn thank you for your insight! If you are willing to share I would love to know a bit more about what functionality you are specifically covering as you ramp up your teams currently. 'We are covering functionality that we think might be beneficial'

  • Jennifer Krone

    ESG best practices. What does a "working as designed" model look like from beginning to end? Also, best practices around archiving.


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