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New Certifications Features



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  • Isabel Messore

    Happy to help Michael Roman!

    1. I think if you’ve already hit run, then you need to cancel first (a button near the dashboard buttons) and can then delete.
    2. The concept of 'open/closed' is replaced with 'started/complete'. The process will automatically complete when the last step has finalized.  If you really want to manually close it, there is a simple solution.  Simply add a 'task' action as the final step in the process and assign it to the process owner.  The process won't finish until you open that task and mark it as 'complete'. Unfortunately, there is no ability to re-open processes and no plans for supporting that in the next 6 months. You can copy a completed process to roll it forward.
    3. You can copy a process using the same steps as other files within Workiva. So, just right click and select copy.
    4. We have a certification responses report in new certs similar to the responses report in classic. It shows the answers and comments signers/approvers made and can be exported to csv for filtering and sorting by responses or signers (control owners), etc. Once the process is run containing the certs, you will see three little icons in the top left of the process. The third one to the right is for the response report. 

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