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FERC Releases 2023 Taxonomy




  • Lynn Kaminski

    Hello, in case FERC Form 3Q filers are not aware, based on what I heard from a peer, there is an issue with the new concept for Page 108/109 Item #12.  The new concept, ferc_DisclosureOfImportantChangesRelatedToRespondentCompanyAppearingInAnnualReportToStockholdersTextBlock, is not appearing in the FERC viewer.  Workiva has made FERC aware of the issue.  

    I didn't find anything in Workiva Support about this.  Is there a location of known issues that I should be referencing?

    Thanks, Lynn

  • Liz Walters

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for brining this up! Because this issue is a fix that must come from FERC, Workiva doesn't have insight into when this may be fixed. We are watching this issue and following up with FERC as needed. I have created a ticket so that we can track this issue for you, and let you know when there is a fix. 

    Have a great weekend!


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