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Password settings update & FAQs




  • Udo

    Have their been any significant changes to the login process for first-time-users? Each user that I have created within the last days, reported that he/she had problems to setting of their initial password. I didn't find any change notification in the Release Notes.

  • Mike

    Hi Udo!

    Yes, there have been some changes to password settings as part of the above mentioned roll-out. The most visible to end users would include the new minimum password length, a password strength meter, password checks against known breaches, changes to failed login attempts, and automatic browser validations with a one-time-password. The waves for this rollout are not yet 100% complete for all accounts, so a global release update has yet to be pushed out. There have been some emails sent ahead of waves, however.

    Are your users hitting the issues mentioned above, or something else? Workiva Support is eager to help should they hit any snags.

    Let me know what follow-ups you have for me or if you need anything else. Thanks!


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