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Jira - Workiva Connection




  • Wayne Paffhausen

    Hello Pablo Fernandez Rodriguez,

    I do believe there is some confusion here.  Please allow me to elaborate.

    1. The CloudRunner is not something you can install.  It is a free processing agent we provide within the Workiva SaaS application.  Chains requires this processing agent to be able to perform the contextual actions you are going to be building.
    2. The CloudRunner can connect to most applications if firewall/whitelist rules allow.  If your JIRA is not cloud or is not available via the internet then you can download a local runner called a GroundRunner.  GroundRunners are similar to CloudRunners, except they are an agent installed locally within a customer network.  Details can be found on the Support site here:
    3. There are no "resources" necessary per-say.  Resources are additional files or objects that may be needed during that commands execution.  Examples can be templates of a JSON body, a common KEY file, etc.  Here is a link to general resources as an example:

    I hope this helps clarify a few points and helps you move forward!

  • Pablo Fernandez Rodriguez

    Thank you very much for your reply. I have a question on the topic of resources. Taking into account the workiva help -> (HTTP Request connector – Support Center ( the resources can be divided in:

    1- For basic authentication, enter or select the credentials in Username and Password.
    2- For the public/private key pair, select their resources in Certificate and Certificate private key, respectively.
    3- For an optional CA certificate, select its resource in CA certificate.

    So, in order to configure the connector and the chain configuration later (get and post), would they be necessary for the above topics? If so, where can we obtain them?.



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