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EDGAR Next - Update



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    Quick update here.

    The EDGAR Next Proposing beta testing environment was shut down over the weekend. This also included their API specification and documentation. The SEC's page now states the following:

    From September 18, 2023, through March 15, 2024, the SEC made available to the public a dedicated test environment reflecting the proposed rule and form changes and the related technical functionality set forth in the proposing release (the "EDGAR Next Proposing Beta"). The EDGAR Business Office (EBO) is currently considering recommending that the SEC adopt rule and form amendments regarding EDGAR Next.

    We'll continue to monitor this page and others for updates and will keep you apprised. Thanks!

  • Pat Flanakin

    Mike, thanks for this update.  So....what is Workiva's best estimate of where this stands and whether a final rule may be being developed?

  • Mike

    No problem, Pat! Our team remains in ongoing discussions with the SEC who are always very clear that they will not discuss timelines for the potential adoption of rules. That said, all signs point towards a final rule no earlier than the second half of this year but we'll have to wait and see. Definitely when we do have more info, we'll be sure to share it.

  • Sandra Lim

    Mike, are there any updates here or still waiting for final rule?  Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hi Sandra!

    Sorry for my delay here. No news is still good news (depending on how you see it). No new updates and we are still waiting.


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